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19th July 2017

Good afternoon everyone,

for the thunderstorm that six clock this morning was as much flash and bang as fizzle and pop, nevertheless the heat over the last few nights has made it difficult for sleeping and feeling tired this afternoon.

Well it's been pretty much the same as normal with the graves and memorials that still averaging more than four new memorials per day and around six known memorials per day which rather happy with.

Two things of late which which have thrown me slightly off balance mentally, one is not having my beret, strange not having on my head and the other is my bits my leg which until the ulcer on my leg heals I can't wear and makes walking very very difficult very painful especially on an even ground.

I headed out this morning to do to churches one was a small town and was easy to do, the other was a village called Owlpen. On the way there I spotted a muntjac deer in the edge of a wood stopped to watch it for a few minutes before it disappeared back into the wood. I always study the map for heading out not only to see where got to go but also to pick the best and easiest route. Owlpen is in very steep valley so by looking at the map I was going to go in on the less steep side, however on arriving at the junction there was a red triangle sign saying it had a gradient of one in four or 25%, the scooter is fine graves like this unless they were like this one, underneath the red triangle was another little sign that said for 1500 yards! As I would have to come back out this way I decided to air on the side of caution and not damage the motor scooter by climbing the hill.

I also about the hospital is morning and had the lead checked, the ulcer is healing nicely should be about done in one to 2 weeks which is good news.

My next stops are Thornbury until Sunday, old Sodbury Sunday night, Tetbury for a few nights to catch upon bits of missed and then Cirencester for a couple of nights before heading to Stow on the Wold, I may be there for a while as there is lot to do in that area and I have no other stops there.

One thing before I forget, I need to say thank you to Ashley at ZX Host for upgrading and sorting out the servers when my blog and war grave website are hosted.

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