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16th September 2017

Good evening everyone,

This update was done in two parts.

Well I've shot across three counties to get to Lichfield ready for the get together at the National Memorial Arboretum next weekend. I'm actually staying in Tesco, its one of those with the car park under the store and it's warm, 20 degree's, I don't need the sleeping bag...

It's been a funny week with the memorials, every church in Lichfield except one is unsurveyed and the one that is I can't get in! I've had a couple of falls this week, one was just catching my foot on my bad leg and going down like a sack of the proverbial, hurt my left shoulder in the process, the other was as I came out of the Methodist church yesterday, slipped on the green algae and bashed my ribs on the hand rail. As a result of the first fall I've gone back to wearing the bits on my leg as the ulcer has healed, walking is easier again.

I've been part of a trial with Veterans NHS Wales over the last few months where they provide mental health support once a week or fortnight by phone, this comes to an end next week, I think its has helped...

After the get together next weekend I'll be heading back south to Help for Heroes and then on to Tramper to have the scooter serviced after covering more than 30,000 miles.

The second part.

Well this morning's bit was written in a cafe whilst I had a cup of tea and the drizzle was coming down. I managed to get another chapel and plaque on the side of a building done this morning before I headed back to Tesco and decided to do some maintenance on the scooter trailer instead. I might get a lot done, being undercover mental strip out the inside of the trailer put in a shopping trolley a crack on. I managed to replace so the nuts and bolts that provide my little bit of cover on my door as that worn very thin I also might get some new shelving inside, well storage boxes screwed to the wall that odds and sods in.

It brightened up around five o'clock and I nipped down to Stowe pool with the camera as there was a bird there that I have loved to see since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and I only tend to see in the winter back home, a great crested grebe with a well grown chick.


Canada Geese

Great Crested Grebe

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